24/7 Wireless Security Meant for Commercial

24/7 Wireless Security Meant for Commercial

  • Connect with SIM Card or Wifi

  • Advanced Video Motion Detection (100 meters)

  • Color Night Vision (50 meters)

  • 24/7 Recording

  • 30x Optical Zoom

  • Time-Lapse Images

  • Commercial Grade

  • Optional Built-in Heater -40C

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Monitor Anything In 4K

Time Lapse

Capture the progress of your projects in stunning time-lapse videos. Review past moments, from weather delays to team activities, with the click of a button. Never miss a beat on your projects again.




Black & White Night Vision
Starlight Night Vision

Color Night Vision

See clear details in pitch-black area with the Q3's high beam light, making night vision like day vision.

30X Optical Zoom

The camera lens can zoom in on a specific area of your property without losing image quality. This feature is particularly useful for identifying people or objects at a distance, such as spotting intruders on your property or monitoring traffic on a busy street. With 30x optical zoom, you'll be able to see more detail and make more informed decisions about potential security risks.

Clear 2-Way Audio Communication

This feature allows you to talk to people through the camera using your smartphone or computer, making it easy to communicate with delivery drivers, visitors, or anyone else who may be on your property. The camera also comes with a built-in microphone and speaker, which provides clear audio for both sides of the conversation. This feature can also be useful for scaring away potential intruders or alerting people on your property of a potential emergency.

24/7 Recording

Save it all on a "Hard Drive locally or SD Card"

Weatherproof Quality

Designed & made for the outdoors. The weatherproof quality ensures that the camera will continue to properly operate and provide you the surveillance you need regardless of any extreme weather conditions.

Connect with Wifi

Connect With WiFi

  • Pros: No additional monthly costs
  • Cons: Cameras must be set within wifi range
Note: Support 2.4G Wi-Fi band only, 5Ghz is not supported. Compatible with almost any router.

Connect with 4G

Connect With 4G Sim Card

  • Pros: Set up camera in more locations, as long as there's network coverage
  • Cons: Monthly data costs

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